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2003-05-20 | 10:45 p.m.

corduroy licorice loved the car his parents gave him for his graduation so much, he wanted to live in the present.


"i canít say anything other than the fact that i feel a range of emotions including guilt, shame, sadness, betrayal, freedom and appreciation for those who have stood by me, been tough on me, and have taken the time to understand that there is a deeper story and not to believe everything they read in the newspapers."
- jayson blair, former new york times plagiarist/journalist (from an interview in newsweek)


once WHO figures out the mysteries behind SARS, i hope the organization can spend a little time researching what caused the cinematic pandemic MBFGW (a.k.a. my big fat greek wedding), so that something like it can never happen again.

was it first passed from animal to human? how long can it survive outside of a carrier? does wearing a mask over the eyes contains its spread? here's hopin'!

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