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2003-05-13 | 10:25 p.m.

corduroy licorice gave his friend louie a backhanded compliment during their tennis match.


i was reading an issue of bazaar and skimmed over a profile piece on various american style icons. one texas socialite admitted that she adores homegrown roses in silver chalices. well, heck. who don't, lady? i've been adoring homegrown roses in silver chalices ever since i was introduced to the breathtaking duet of flora and metallurgy in finishing school abroad.

there's just something about the sleek, cool shine of the silver that creates such an elegant, yet heady juxtaposition as the lush, lusty scarlet blooms redolent with perfume and cut fresh from the garden by sweaty, muscular laborers of mixed race origins heave their slim stems against the lip of the chalice's mouth. why, it's enough to make a gal pull out her hankie to dab her dewy brow. simply the living end!

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