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2003-05-06 | 10:52 p.m.

corduroy licorice got a census job. to keep from getting bored, he wore a butterfly costume as he flitted from door to door. he was truly a monarch of all he surveyed.


music review moment:

the morvern callar soundtrack is so cool i think my head might explode. (for starters, nancy sinatra and lee hazlewood singing "some velvet morning"? c'mon!)

the white stripes song "we're going to be friends" from their "white blood cells" album is like chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven for the ears.


"anyone can sit down and write some boring artistic song," says the newly brunette britney spears in a recent issue of entertainment weekly. "pop music is the hardest shit to write."

at moments like this, i'm embarassed about my past halloween costume association with justin's ex.


when asked if her new comedy bruce almighty, which co-stars jim carrey as a man who is bestowed with divine powers for a week, has a serious side, jennifer aniston answered, "it's about god, for chrissakes!"

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