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2003-04-13 | 10:21 p.m.

corduroy licorice's brother wanted to open a store that only sold different kinds of thermometers. he wanted to name it "temperature." he promised that if the store was a success and more opened up, corduroy could run a "temperature."


mini war rant:

ain't it funny how u.s. soldiers "don't have training" in how to "peace-keep" during the iraqi looting sprees, but are able to guard the oil ministry building from said spree? tres, tres ironic! what a crude way to confirm the iraqis' fears that the invasion was motivated by oil greed.

oh no, it's just that we need to protect their oil operations since that's what's going to be funding the rebuilding. sure, sure. it's just for their own good...unlike medical care and cultural treasures.


update on the marriage-slamming ex who asked me for advice about how to handle his marriage-minded girlfriend:

he e-mailed me a thank you for listening to his problems and offering my feedback. evidently tying the knot is not out of the question for him, but he's a bit worried about how tightly the apron strings are tied with her mom. a reasonable concern, to be sure.

oh, and he mentioned that not only had his critical remark about matrimony struck a nerve in her, he'd also felt it timely to mention that she's got a bit of whisker action going on about her mouthal region. to borrow his phrase, "hooo doggy. that was a bad idea."

he then called me up on friday night and left a message suggesting dinner on saturday. "no funny stuff," he clarified, "i'm just bored."

well, color me flattered. good to know that i am still considered worthy as a meal companion under the conditions that one is in the doghouse with one's girlfriend and riddled with ennui.

not wanting to besmirch a perfectly good evening with his trademark black cloud in tow, i offered him a breakfast slot instead. he declined in his typically brusque manner.

lord help him and miss whiskas.

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