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2003-04-03 | 11:23 p.m.

corduroy licorice wanted to beat his old record. the LP was covered with scratches, which made listening to it unbearable. he finally just threw it against the wall instead.


darn that kcrw radio for breaking my bank account by driving me to make new musical acquisitions.

the album in question is called "i, lucifer" and was put together by (the real) tuesday weld as a soundtrack to a book of the same name written by british author glen duncan.

it's odd that i come across this now since my friend p-girl recently told me a story about lucifer that she learned of while watching a joseph campbell video. campbell related the tale that when god created man, he asked all the angels to serve his new creatures. lucifer refused and god banished him. lucifer loved god so deeply, being separated from him was literally hell.

the album's back cover description calls that incident "the original break-up." for some reason, romanticizing the age-old story makes me suddenly fascinated by it. i can be such a girl.

normally, i liked to wax poetic about music i savor, but i thought this review of the CD by paul johnson of uncut said it all:

"is this the first book soundtrack? stephen '[the real] tuesday weld' coates' sophomore album investigates what it is to be human. lucifer is given a chance to redeem himself on contemporary earth, finding himself reincarnated as a depressed writer interrupted mid-suicide. coates' dream-like, softly crooned vocals hover between optimism and melancholy, backed by an inspired sampling of ghostly jazz 78s collision with break beats. meticulously arranged, touching, intimate, and with mesmerising melodies, this is superbly atmospheric."

in other words, a little bit of heaven.

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