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2003-04-01 | 11:25 p.m.

corduroy licorice worked like a dog. at the office, he panted a lot and wagged his rear end whenever he was excited about a new project.


in the news reports from iraq, it bugs me when the reporters say "nassiriya" instead of "al-nassiriya." al-nassiriya has such a nice ring to it. almost like a song. which brings me to this creation, to be sung to the tune of the infamous "macarena."


georgie bush blew off the united nations
told them to take a nice, long vacation
called them back early to hand out iraqi rations

cheney has a hard-on for historic wars
he wants his name to go down in battle lore
too bad in those war games, they cheated on the score

don't think for a moment this is dissing the soldiers
they're risking their lives and following orders
it's just the reasons why are in such disorder

in this pre-emptive strike, many will bleed,
lessons from the past, U.S. leaders won't heed
never misunderestimate the power of greed

*thanks to hachieangel for inspiring the title.

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