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2003-03-24 | 10:21 p.m.

corduroy licorice gave everyone a fair shake. he had the palest hands west of the atlantic.


ripped from today's headlines!

dirtnerdluv reports on the miss america contest. a must-read.


a quote from u.s. secretary of defense donald rumsfeld said during a pentagon briefing about the war on terror (from a recent newsweek magazine):

"there are known knowns. these are things we know that we know. there are known unknowns. that is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. but there are also unknown unknowns. these are things we don't know we don't know."


i was actually glad i watched the war update on abc news last night. partly because of one story revealing how although capitol hill big shots are all supporting dubya's war in iraq publically, in private they are grumbling that he was playing coy about the cost of war until he knew that his ridiculous tax cut was safe.

the story went on to say that congressional leaders are concerned that the white house has not prepared the public adequately for how long this war could last. the reporter summed up by saying perhaps the president's strategy in concealing the probability of an extended battle might have been the right one since the u.s. population might not have been so quick to support a non-quick war. today wall street reacted by sliding downhill when they realized that it wasn't going to be a microwave engagement. what? you mean our soldiers might sustain injuries or even die? shoulda called domino's.

ignorance may be bliss, but when the truth is revealed even those blind to it now will hopefully be pissed. and hopefully that will lead to backlash that will prevent reelection. i can only hope. in the meantime, brave men and women who are fighting for this evil nimrod are losing their lives and taking others. all for oil and the development of a "client country" in the middle east.

never mind that saudi arabia, a country with direct links to al qaeda funding and 9-11, managed to be left off of the latest list of countries perpetrating serious human rights violations because the u.s. needs to share its boudoir for its own present gain.

and another thing! it's offensive to me when people say that to be anti-war is to be anti-troops or pro-saddam. that's a little bit of rush limbaugh logic, which is faulty logic to say the least.

it's also offensive to me when people who are protesting the war are called "cowards" as disco dave wrote in a recent entry.

you know, country singer travis tritt called that lead singer of the dixie chicks a coward for dissing dubya. it's starting to feel like a scene from the princess bride:

i don't think that word means what you think it means.

speaking out against a heavy-handed, misguided government nowadays is anything but cowardly. it's enough to have you brought up on terrorism charges. the good news is that the dixie chicks album sales have gone up since the incident. so hooray for a free market democracy, after all!

the other reason i'm glad i watched the abc coverage is that a reporter visited an elementary school on a u.s. military base to talk to little kids whose parents were fighting in iraq. it was pretty damn heartwrenching to hear a little girl shyly describe "crying a little" when she thought about her dad going to war. another little boy said that his father had sprayed his cologne on the boy's sister's stuffed toy moose, so that they could have a scent memory of him. the children took a whiff whenever they missed their pop.

another little boy pronounced, "if i ever see saddam--what's his name again? i ever see saddam hussein, i'm going to punch him in the face because he started all this." i hope the little guy saves a knuckle sandwich for our commander in chief.


a bit of good news: the baghdad blogger is back to updating.

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