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2003-03-20 | 9:40 p.m.

corduroy licorice took a shine to the local high school musical. corduroy had an extra ticket and the neither of the shine girls got out much.


operation suv freedom

i noticed that dubya has changed the way he speaks over the last week. he's attempting to sound very soft-spoken and soothing, as if he's doing a mister rogers imitation. some image consultant in the white house much have coached him to project a kinder, gentler warload. if he starts putting on a cardigan sweater and sneakers before the next press conference, i'll know for sure. "won't you be my coalition partner?"

i was really glad pablo shared this story about dubya. it's somewhat satisfying to get behind-the-scenes evidence that someone you suspect of being a slimy jerk really is one.


my friend andre is pretty funny, but he's especially funny when he's pissed off.

i really enjoyed these two entries of his. this one is a pre-war rant and this one is a 9/11-related rant. see, dennis miller doesn't have a corner on the market.

speaking of rants, there's an especially poignant one written by a baghdad blogger, along with his daily updates on life in a war zone. my homie sent the link to me and it blew me away to read an insider's view of the situation. i feel so sorry for the author and his family and wish them all the best. i can't imagine facing such a harrowing situation and i'm terribly sorry that my country is behind it.

i miss the days when the most shocking thing our president had done was to leave a mess on a blue dress. at least clinton was only screwing interns, not the whole world.

and here i thought nothing could make me a dixie chicks fan.

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