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2003-03-16 | 10:58 p.m.

corduroy licorice dipped his spoon into his steaming hot minestrone only to find a zipper panel floating among the vegetable bits.

"waiter," he called out, "there's a fly in my soup."


presidential press conference poopiness:

"asked why so much of the world is protesting u.s. policy toward iraq, bush assumed his trademark constipated glower. 'you know, i appreciate societies in which people can express their opinion,' he said, uttering these words with such surpassing sourness that you could tell he wished america wasn't one of them."

- from john powers' article entitled "the big 'what if'" in this week's issue of the l.a. weekly


puntacular band vernacular:

according to entertainment weekly, musicians ben lee, ben kweller and ben folds are forming a group called "the bens." on tour, they're planning to make their stage entrance to "it's all about the benjamins."

i think corduroy licorice already has tickets.


i never thought that a willy nelson song would be my pick of the week, but thanks to kcrw radio i discovered his rendition of "willow weep for me" done with tin hat trio. it is one of the dern prettiest sad love songs i've even taken a liking to.

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