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2003-02-09 | 11:38 p.m.

corduroy licorice liked to play "rock, paper, scissors" with his friends for cash. he made money hand over fist.


not that i want dubya to get his way in starting WWIII, but i think he may be forgetting a powerful device he could use in swaying public opinion. something that his father utilized: mass-marketed, silk-screened t-shirts. yes, dubya's poppa's attack on iraq's big boy gained propulsion from the proliferation of "insane hussein" t-shirts.

at this point, dubya doesn't really have a slogan that's t-shirt-worthy to help garner public support. he should probably call in johnny cochran, esq. to generate some catchy catch phrases. maybe something like, "if you want your SUV to run, better aim a gun."

a friend of mine raised some eyebrows the other night at a show in which my friend k-girl played tamborine most stylishly. the first band's lead singer is a bit of a rabblerouser and baited the crowd by asking if anyone in the audience thought war was a good idea. my crazy friend p-boy told me, "yeah, i think the war's a good idea. what's wrong with that? our president thinks it's a good idea. wait. bad example." see? even a hawk knows a rat when he sees one.

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