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2003-02-05 | 11:42 p.m.

corduroy licorice's house featured a den of thieves. his dad had decorated the family room with portraits of people who were famous for stealing, from robin hood to winona ryder.


sometimes i forget how funny a show king of the hill is. in last night's repeat hank was lecturing his son on giving 110 percent at work. when bobby later quoted his dad's words back to him, hank got a bit choked up and said, "if you weren't my son, i'd hug you."


has anyone else noticed how the advertising for the new movie daredevil seems to be playing up jennifer garner more than ben affleck? maybe it's because he has no detectable charisma and seems to have shot the movie at half-staff consciousness? perhaps.

you know, i really don't know what j-lo sees in b-aff, but that's not for me to divine.


today i had to drive to a client meeting with two blokes from the office. on the way home, one mentioned that he and his wife were trying to get pregnant.

i asked if they were taking her temperature like i've heard tell of when a couple is seriously trying to procreate. he said no, but that during the fertile week of the month they have to do it every night. have to.

i tried to muffle my chuckle as the other guy started groaning, "oh, brother, i remember that every night routine when my wife and i were trying for our second baby. geez, that was tough!"

just hearing two guys whine about having to put out five nights a week made mine.

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