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2003-02-02 | 7:54 p.m.

one of corduroy licorice's favorite possessions was a chip off the old block. always the sentimental type, corduroy stashed away a chunk of original concrete before the city redid the sidewalks in his neighborhood.


in this weekend's class, before readjusting my pose, my yoga teacher actually asked, "may i touch you?"

i'm thinking she just didn't recognize "my softer side" since i was in the derriere-upwards, downward dog position at the time.


i have a new addition to add to the "movies i've walked out of" list. it's a french romantic comedy called god is great, and i'm not, starring amelie darling audrey tautou. it bleu.

the story is about a woman who is feverishly searching for her spiritual path, jumping into new religions every time she jumps into a new boyfriend's bed. the director seemed to be going for screwball hilarity, but ended up with screwed hell-arity. the jokes were wincingly trite, the male lead's character was a massive arse and the gimmicky hiccups in the editing were distracting.

i didn't think it was possible for ms. tautou to be annoying, but she pulled it off in this one. she was trying too hard to be cute, which is ridiculous. she is adorable by definition, so her trying to affect adorable with extra puffy pouts and endless looking up through her lashes is like eating a whole can of ready-made cake frosting in one sitting. cloying!

at one point, her leading man scolds her during an argument for acting too cute. i wish her director had used the same reproach. in summary, audrey tautou is usually great, but in this movie is not.

c'est la vie, mon ami.

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