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2003-01-30 | 11:09 p.m.

corduroy licorice's mother told him she'd like a bolt out of the blue section of the fabric store, so he went to get it for her.


today i was touched by an angel. and it wasn't della reefer this time. it was a sexy bitch of a friend. i was just wandering through the company kitchen area this afternoon when sxb struck up a conversation with me. actually, it was more of a conversion. it came just short of culminating with the heavens opening up to the sounds of a glorious chorus.

you see, sxb has been getting inspired about setting goals for himself and the inspiration is rubbing off on those around him. he gave me ideas on how to take daily action to move me in the right dream directions. he got me pumped up for the fight of life like a boxing coach in my corner. i wish i could have bottled that talk, because afterwards i felt like a million bucks. i was ready to conquer the world. it was a real dicaprio standing on the boat railing moment.

i'm talkin' microwave motivation by the community microwave. sxb, i'm beholdin' to you for kicking my gluteus maximus into shape. may i somehow return the favor one day.

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