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2003-01-27 | 11:40 p.m.

corduroy licorice liked to play monday-morning quarterback. he looked forward to starting each week out on the gridiron with his pigskin-toting compadres.


one of my guilty little secrets is that i think snoop doggy dogg is cool. way cool. i just feel a little embarassed admiring a guy who makes no apologies for throwing his "size elevens" (shoes) at his "bitches" when they don't bring him his "chronic" in a timely manner. and then there's the whole glorification of the violent gangsta lifestyle. you know? but there's something about his sleepy drawl and deadpan humor that gets me every time i hear/read him in an interview.

the other day i was checking out an article about him in a magazine called flaunt and wanted to share these quotes from it:

at the beginning of the interview, snoop dogg is flipping through the tv channels and lands on sesame street.

"big bird!" he exclaims when he sees the yellow icon of children's tv. "bird bird! my nigga!"

then he tells a story of how he hurt his knee on a tour bus road trip: "you know how the bus got two doors that separate the beds from the bathroom? one of the doors wouldn't open and it was like four in the morning and i had to pee. i got frustrated and kicked that mothafucka. tore the skin on my leg. but i got to pee."

i don't know if either of these quotes confidently puts checkmarks in the "i get why she digs dogg" column, but both made me laugh outloud.

maybe it's just a g thang.

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