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2003-01-15 | 12:24 a.m.

corduroy licorice was tired of the bar scene. he always fast-forwarded through that part of star wars.


new musical fixation: ok go. these guys are so damn clever and pure poppy.

the song i can't get out of my head, especially the "mediocre" line, is called "what to do." the singer seems to be calling out some spoiled girl who has never woken up from her complacent sleepwalk:

"what do do?
sweetheart, you'll find
mediocre people do exceptional things
all the time
oh, the ruin will do in your talented mind...
could've been a genius if you'd had an axe to grind."

they're goooood, i tell you. like my favorite from last year, the actual tigers, with a bit more ragged guitar.


last night i was, yes, i admit it, watching the "year's most-watched new reality show" (all two weeks of the year, that is. pace yourself, fox executive guys.) called joe millionaire. perhaps everyone is familiar with the premise. it's basically the bachelor minus the wealthy stud. this show just has a stud who the bachelorettes are pursuing with the understanding that he's a millionaire. at the end of the show, they'll find out he's just a joe blow. now this is a gimmick i can get behind. making a mockery of reality-based shows while otherwise being true to the format.

my favorite part of the show was when "joe" had to drape necklaces around the five girls who will move on to the next round of surveiled romance. all the chiquitas were eyeing each other over their armrests. most look ashen with anxiety. joe picked his favorites and then seemed to be just filling out the remaining spots since he had to keep five. the reason i suspected the filler is that his explanations for why he'd picked each girl got lamer (not that a big shift) and lamer. this one made me laugh outloud:

"susan is more bossy than the kind of women i'd usually date, but she's hot, so i thought, 'give her a shot.'"

he did a slight variation of the "hot/shot" description for the next girl, too.

dude, that even rhymes. money can't buy you dumb.

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