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2001-02-17 | 05:25:02

hiya kids!

well, the delightful ms. twiggle has bestowed upon me a most lovely new site design! i can't believe her generosity and thoughtfulness. i love what she created, and i hope you do, too!

although my friend ascension designed a beautiful "look" for me awhile back and my buddy torrez is working on the html portion, both are busy with other big projects and haven't been able to focus on my thingamajig.

by chance, ms. twiggle offered on her own to kindly retire my good old, orange, stripey diaryland template just as i was beginning to tire of it, so i accepted her generosity.

thank you ever so, twigglicious!


tonight i feel like jennifer lopez. no, i'm not dancing in front of a wind machine wearing tight, white, super-bell-bottoms. i just saw her movie "the wedding planner" tonight. i knew it would be pretty lame, and it was, but i just dig her and the way she looks and talks.

so there's this phenomenon that happens to me after watching movies, see. it doesn't happen when i watch videos. just when it's on the big screen. ok. here's the deal. after staring at an actress's eight-foot-tall face for two hours, i sometimes walk out of the theater feeling like i'm her. like if i caught my reflection in a window or mirror, she'd be looking back at me. i might gesture and feel like it's her gesture i'm imitating. the feeling only lasts for a half-hour or less, then i'm me again. once i see my own reflection a couple of times, i snap out of the sensation. and it is a pleasant sensation while it lasts.

this doesn't happen every time i see a movie. only when i particularly like, admire or relate to the actress and/or her character. for instance, i didn't walk out feeling like juliette binoche after i saw "chocolat." she is beautiful and all, but i guess i didn't feel a resonance with her character.

the only other person i know who experiences this little quirk is my sister. we discovered our shared aberration quite by accident.

when "while you were sleeping" was in theaters, she and i saw it together. we were walking back to the car and i said, "this is totally weird, but i feel like sandra bullock right now. like if i looked in a mirror, i'd see her face."

my sis kinda drew in her breath and laughed, "me, too!" she squealed. then we shared how it happens to us every once in awhile.

a few weeks later after seeing a movie with her friends, my sister asked her buddies, "hey, have you guys ever..." and described the feeling. they looked at her as if she was freaking nuts! hahaha!

i've asked a couple of friends the same question and get blank looks and head shakes. um, noooo...

heh. maybe there is a support group for people like my sister and i...but i don't really want to recover from this. i enjoy being jennifer lopez and sandra bullock and julia roberts and meg ryan and kristin scott thomas for half-hour intervals. it's pretty damn cool being a bite-size movie star. then, back to my glamorous life already in progress. whoop, there it is!


again, much web luv to twiggle for making my page such yummy eye candy!

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